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Commissioned Music and Library Music

Commissioned Music

When you require music that is unique, or you find that you are unable to locate a pre-cleared piece of music that suits your needs, then Skylight Music can help. We believe that commissioned doesn't have to mean costly and that in some cases it costs less than library music. To see a short excerpt from two of the programmes we have been commissioned to write music for, click on the TV images below.

Each link will open a new window allowing you to view the video stream.

Five Step With The Stars TV Image
Five Steps with the Stars © BSkyB Television Ltd.& Daisybeck Ltd 2001.

Alien Hand Syndrome TV Image
Alien Hand Syndrome © Five Television Ltd & Daisybeck Ltd 2001.

(Music in both works © Terry Grew & Skylight Music 2001)

Library Music

Skylight Music produces music for you to use in your media projects. All of our library music is available on request, either as a CD-ROM with its own search facility, or as an audio only CD.

To listen to examples of our work, please visit our Sample Recordings Page.

You can also request an mp3 containing short examples of our live recordings which we can send to you via EMail.

For more information on our music library, or to speak with someone about how we may help with your current project, please go to the Contact Us page.

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