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Sample Recordings

Click on an image below to play a track. A new window will open. The music is streamed via Sound Cloud.

Note: Unless disabled in your browser, Soundcloud will use its Autoplay settings to play the next audio file in our stream.

(See Notes for using Soundcloud below)

Location Recordings

Carmen CD Cover Extract from The West Riding Opera Company CD, recorded live at Leeds Civic Theatre 2004.

(Image of 'Carmen' CD cover West Riding Opera 2004)

Leeds Symphony Orchestra Logo Extract from a Leeds Symphony Orchestra concert, recorded live at Notre Dame School, Horsforth, Leeds 1999.

(Image of logo Leeds Symphony Orchestra 1999)

Studio Recordings

Meine Erste CD Cover (Extracts from 'Meine Erste CD' released by Kerstin Schlenker in 2005.)

(Image of CD cover Kerstin Schlenker 2005)

Ark Angels CD cover Extracts from 'Ark Angels' CD released in 2011 by Antiqcool.

(Image of CD cover Antiqcool 2011)

Library Music

Themes Underscores and Stings CD-ROM cover Extracts from the Library Music CD 'Themes Underscores & Stings' Produced by Skylight Music.

(Image of CD cover Skylight Music 2005)

Notes for Using Soundcloud

The track you initially select will display 'Playing Track' in the transport bar at the bottom of the page along with that track's icon (see image below).

Soundcloud Transport bar play

Tracks that follow will display 'Playing from recommendations....' in the transport bar along with the new track's icon (see image below).

Soundcloud Transport bar play

Full details on each track currently playing can be obtained by clicking on the relevent icon in the transport bar.

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