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When you need to capture that essential live performance, look no further than us. Skylight Music have been producing live recordings for clients, ranging from Solo Performers to Orchestras, working in a variety of venues, large and small, since 1998.

We also arrange music and produce recordings for other Composers and Artists.

We can record in our studio or record on location; the choice is yours. Once a recording is completed, the finished recording will be presented as a stereo audio CD master.

Should you want a finished product, or products, complete with artwork, then we can handle that for you too.

To listen to examples of our work, please visit our Sample Recordings Page.

To ask us more about the packages that we provide, simply fill in the form on the Contact Us page.

Image of 'Carmen' CD cover © West Riding Opera 2004

Image of 'Meine Erste' CD Cover © Kerstin Schlenker 2005

Image of 'Themes Undercores & Stings Library CD-ROM Cover © Skylight Music 2005

Image of 'Ark Angels' CD Cover © Antiqcool 2010

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